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A W2117
Number of Bedrooms 8   Bedroom 2 (guest bed) 12m2
number of living areas 4   Bedroom 3 20m2
number bathrooms 7   Bedroom 4 21m2
guest Toilet YES   Bedroom 5 33m2
Garages 4 CAR GARAGE   All other  Bedrooms 3
Total Design Size (area) 690m2    Main Lounge  25m2
Design Overall Dimensions (Width & Depth) 23m X 30m   Dining room 18m2
Minimum Land Size Required (Width & Depth) 29m X 36m   all Other Living areas (number) 36m2
Master Bedroom size (area) 36m2   Kitchen 29m2
Master bath (available) YES   Scullery 18m2
Master Dressing room  YES   Laundry N/A
      All other Rooms CINEMA
Summary list :       8 bedroom , 4 car garage , kitchen , dinning , main lounge , entertainment room , private lounge , study room , living room , balconies , patios 

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$570.00 USD In Stock