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A W2801 with details
Number of Bedrooms 5   Bedroom 2 (guest bed) 22m2
number of living areas 3   Bedroom 3 21m2
number bathrooms 5   Bedroom 4 22m2
guest Toilet YES   Bedroom 5 21m2
Garages 4 CAR GARAGE   All other  Bedrooms N/A
Total Design Size (area) 599,6m2   Main Lounge  26m2
Design Overall Dimensions (Width & Depth) 22,6m X 34,9m   Dining room 20m2
Minimum Land Size Required (Width & Depth) 28,6m X 40,9m   all Other Living areas (number) 42m2
Master Bedroom size (area) 35m2   Kitchen 36m2
Master bath (available) YES   Scullery 12m2
Master Dressing room  YES   Laundry 4m2
      All other Rooms pyjama lounge 
Summary list :  5  bedroom , 2 car garage , lounge,  kitchen ,dinning , balcony , patio , pyjama lounge , family lounge , play room , bar , study room , scullery and pantry 

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$470.00 USD In Stock