3. How much is this design? how do i see the prices? how do i see the layouts or ground plan? how do i see all the pictures? how do i see all the views?what is the total area of design? How big land required to fit this design? how much per square meter?


see attached picture. on all designs look for the wording (Click here for more Details), its usually in blue color.

see above link picture.

in the website at www.vhouseplans.com there is 1 free example, please see it, you should be able to see where to

(A) view the price of any design.

(B) how to download layouts for any design

(C) see all pictures of any design

(D) land size required to fit the design

(E) area of the design is square metres.

otherwise please list your requirements so we can give you a quote and the time it will take to do your design. All designs from our website have prices, check examples to see where to get the price of a design. we do not charge per square meter, we charge the amount of work, so we need you to send your requirements in detail.