5. can you modify my houseplan? i have existing house and would like to revamp, extend, additions and modernize it? how much will this cost?

yes we can modify or revamp your existing house or design, just send us the existing drawings for a quote. usually takes 3 to 7 days for us to send you preliminary layouts and 3D artist impressions of your drawings.

We are not able to help with house revamping or extensions unless we have the drawings of existing house!

The alternative is that we come out to measure the existing structure!

It will cost a minimum of R1920.00 to come and measure your house, we charge R9.00 on top of the R1920.00 for places above 150km away

If you would like us to come for viewing your site and measure your house, you need to pay the fees as stated above, before we can come. Also confirm suitable time!

so (A) send me drawings of existing house

or (B) we should come and measure

so which one will it be?