12. Does your quote include drawings registration and approval by municipality? do you submit for me or i submit them myself?

we do submit drawings to municipalities where possible, however we mainly print drawings, fill out submission forms and courier all to clients, who must then submit to municipalities themselves. we charge you extra for the process of submission of the drawings.

the quote we sent you does not include drawings registration, submission to municipality or approval. this are just fees for us doing drawings for you. we do not know how much municipality will charge you for the scrutiny of your drawings. normally we print drawings, we fill out municipality forms and courier all to you, it is you that must take the couriered package and send it to municipality. however we can do the submission process for you at a fee depending on where you want to submit the drawings in question. if you are within 150km from our location we can submit your drawings to municipality at a fee. usually R6800.00