7. what do i get when i purchase a drawing? what is a digital copy? what is a hardcopy? can you send me samples?

(Our Standard Scope of work) May vary according clients requirements. Design and Documentation Services shall consist of design development drawings and Construction Documents culminating in the following: • Architectural Drawings: • Architectural Cover Sheet (Project Data, Maps, Notes, etc.) • Architectural Site Plan and Details • Architectural Floor Plan (Dimensioned with notes, wall types, key notes, etc.) • Door Types, Door & Hardware Schedules, Interior Door and Window Details, etc. • Exterior Door and Window Details • Roof Plan and Details • Building Sections • Walls Sections • Building Elevations • Equipment Plan and Notes • Foundation Plan (with Details and Notes) • Framing Plans (Details, Roof and Special Conditions) • Electrical Plans (Power, Lighting, Fixture Schedules, and Details) • Plumbing Plans, Plumbing Riser Diagrams with Plumbing Notes and Schedules. • Floor Finish Plan and Finish Schedule • Wall Finish Plan


a digital copy is an emailed copy of the detailed drawings, this option does not include changes you might require, its just the detailed drawings without a site plan, so they can not be submitted for municipality approvals? they can be used to build mainly on tribal land or rural area, where there is not municipality services.

a hard copy is an option that includes both emailed and printed detailed drawings, this option includes a site plan and can be submitted for municipality approvals. we need the size of your land and any additions you may required to do this option. courier fees and printing fees are payable by client in this option.

here is a link that can help you: https://www.vhouseplans.com

under the catalog tap, you will note that all the designs are grouped according to their size and type, you should be able to locate the group or size or type that you require.

you need to pay a deposit of $320.00 , we will enable you to download and see all our library online at www.vhouseplans.com, after you you have chosen a design you will only pay the difference between $320 and the price of your chosen design.

alternatively If you need us to design anything for you, please send us your spec, pictures and a sketch, we will then send you a quotation, if quote is acceptable to you, you will be required to pay 50%, then we can start doing your drawings.

the following information is usually required:

(A) the size of your land? usually we need the (width and depth) click link to view picture; https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0560/2257/files/Erf_2688.pdf_-_Adobe_Reader_2018-03-24_11.39.07.png?8022617879991379343

(B) the list of your requirements in a house, including pictures and sketches etc